Therapy can benefit us in many ways including feeling heard, growing in self awareness, and healing from adversity life throws at us.  It is also a great place to learn compassion for ourselves and empathy for others in our lives.  As a therapist, I believe people are relational creatures.  We can thrive or suffer greatly depending upon the quality of our relationships.

I offer individual, couples, and family therapy.

I do not offer individual therapy for children under 11 years of age.  I see the parent-child relationship as most therapeutic and what happens at home influences the child most.  If you are seeking therapy for your child,  I offer parent education/support sessions and/or family therapy.

I am a Christian with acquired  knowledge and experience in counseling from a Christian perspective.  However, I do not impose my values or beliefs on my clients.  I meet clients where they stand in their beliefs and level of comfort in this area.  It is ultimately their choice the role spirituality plays in the therapeutic process.

I consider myself eclectic and attachment oriented in my approach as a therapist.  Depending on a client’s presenting problem, personality, and relational needs, I determine which theory or approach would best suit the client.

If you decide I will be a good fit for you, I promise to provide a safe space with a caring, laid back, and calm presence.  I would love to help you on your journey in becoming the best version of yourself.